Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Nuclear vs Renewable

We are all aware that carbon based fuel is causing major health problems and environmental problems, and geopolitical problems. 
today we are seeing a growing number of supporters of renewable and green power,(i.e, wind,solar, and hydro.) But often overlook nuclear because it is scary. But compared to renewable sources nuclear outplays in every way, more people have died from installing solar panels than have died from nuclear power plants, also the environmental factor, nuclear takes up less space and contributes nothing to pollution,  solar panels take up 400 sq.Km, wind takes up 5000 sq.km , the only alternative that is as compact is hydro, but hydro displaces fish populations and has other water related displacements, nuclear doesn't have any of these issues, and modern liquid salt reactors don't have the risk of meltdowns making them extremely safe also in a cost comparison

Questions, why isn't it being pushed further, what don't you like about it, which source do you prefer and why, and 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Blog 6

         Conventional media can't do much to change and still make money, through pandering and targeting audiences is a good way to draw income, along with being horribly uninformative. Satire news or humor news is more of a niche market , not everyone wants to be humored while watching news, when news isn't preformed seriously it makes the subject itself look like a joke.
Certain messages can't be told properly,


This was an article mocking the media for often creating a strawman of Trump to make him easier to attack. The Onion doesn't side with anyone, because their target is other news sources.

another thing that The Onion likes to do is exaggerate on small relatable  events.


This is done to poke fun at everyone equally , they like to expose the illogical issues that are done by humans. MSM wouldn't even attempt this, what's the point of writing about waiting at the Freezer for one more Ice cube to be dispensed?


MSM can eve be as relatable. MSM also isn't as entertaining or attention taking, fake news can be funny and still deliver subliminal messages while having a happy audience. No one likes sitting around being bored and news is no where near the top of the entertainment list, people take it as a source and a source of entertainment to enjoy watching it.

Now I don't think all news sources should mimic comedy it would make all news less informative and only report things they can joke about, which would reduce the content. New are suppose to spread information , not humor, some most read news only to obtain the facts, not for humor.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blog 7

          Printed media is still a good source for local news and the police report. The danger with choosing your source is that your source is that it's easier to spread propaganda and lies, along with extreme bias, choosing your news source can lead to closed mindedness and a proxy opinion, along with proxy opinion direct communication with the populous the government has the full ability to post propaganda, or embellish their successes and ignore their short comings, however it can make warnings and announcements easier. When it comes to local news I don't think it's something i would focus on very much in college, I'm kind of antisocial and I already hate everyone so I don't really care what happens to them. Being literate doesn't depend on the source, but how the content is structured. In the digital age everything is reliant on the reader, with all of this information at hand it's easy for lies to go through, you have to constantly use different sources and fact check. As long as the media is a job for the private sector and  monopolies are illegal, media wont always shill for the government. 

Ruptly is a News source financed by the Russian government
the source will always make pro-Putin propaganda 


The danger of this is indoctrination, and brainwashing, Putin has extremely high approval ratings ranging around 80%


Also it was the only news source to point out Putin wasn't listed in the Panama Papers, many news companies made it seem as if Putin was in the papers to alienate him from the west.
It is also a good news source to attack Putin's enemies with 


media financed by Government can be extremely useful for political gain. Similar cases have been Seen with the EU and BBC, Public media always pushes an agenda.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Blog 5

         NPR is a very respectful source for news, they usually avoid fluffy and pointless stories and stick to actual content. Unlike most news NPR has a very nice balance of news, not a lot of traumatic stories, it has mostly scientific and political news, the bias is somewhat liberal but not overwhelmingly so, overall it's very well reported, like most news sites NPR can be regarded as depressing , any news source is often regarded as sad and depressing, the reason for this isn't necessarily they're reporting depressing things more than positive, it’s that humans have evolved to focus more heavily on negative things than positive, negative things help more with survival. Burning your hand, getting food poisoning from eating the wrong things, and hurting yourself all contribute to survival. To try and counter this most news stories will add feel good or fluff stories, Most sources will post pictures of kittens and puppies, but NPR does feel good stories about someone accomplishing something

Another great thing about NPR is that it isn’t amusing, it isn’t an entertainment source, it is just news. They like to be as informative as possible.

New sources in general are one of the most important things in a society, journalism is often referred to as the fourth pillar of government, because it has that much power. An informed populace is good for a healthy society.  

Being well informed can help you educate others when they’re only focusing on the straw man of the subject, media buzz and only reading headlines and opinions can change your views without actually paying attention to the actual story, a lot of information can be left out. Reading the actual content is better than only reading headlines.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blog #4 A story from Liz

      My sister Liz just flew home with her son  to spend two weeks with us, and this is a story of what happened while flying.

             We sat in the aisle next to a man, Owen was in between us and the man by the window, as the plane was beginning to take off the man leaned forward pointed at the TV controls on the arm rest and said," You see these? well these are the controls to the plane, you have to fly the plane." Owen thought it was true and started flying the plane, then the guy said," Don't crash." and Owen started to get worried that he might crash. After awhile the man and I fell asleep, then the man woke up and congratulated Owen on his flying saying that he flew so well he was able to sleep.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Blog #3

           The more personalized news distributors become, the more close minded individuals will become, due to not being exposed to conflicting opinions, this is also a major cause of politically correct culture. People are becoming more and more inclusive, I believe confirmation bias is real, and appeals to many fallacies in order to entice readers to trust their news sources, it is a business after all, and must attract attention, people value the truth, but not all of the truth, only the portion that they like. Business knows this and will exaggerate this, as already stated.  I personally believe in freedom of the individual , being locked up with too many choices is better than being stuck with with on awful choice, thorough study can prevent any issues happening to you from too much choice. Most of what Barry was arguing about choice can be prevented from being informed. The issue with news isn't too much choice, but us being too lazy to check multiple sources. Most of what I'm typing keeps following the same points over and over, because they are the core of the problem. The problem is that in all our choice and knowledge we conform to a collective and popular idea, popular not necessarily by the majority, but with the group we are with.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Journalism blog #2   https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aHMruC2ekxvKdhtMVmC66ZHpfDAZO8rmg8rGVM5GXKY/edit?ts=56ddc120#slide=id.p

When doing this project we had to think about what people like to do after hearing the news, and that is to argue, people love to argue , so basically we kinda took a combination of Twitter, Kik, and Omegle and combined them together in a news worthy format. A lot of websites making money don't have their own journalism, (i.e Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr , and /pol/.) but rely on outside sources, so this would probably be how the app operates,( until we get enough money to hire journalists but I doubt it.